Welcome to Pink Purse International (PPI)! Pink Purse International was founded by now bestselling author, Fey Ugokwe, Esq., an attorney and former disability rights/human rights mediator and arbitrator. 

Pink Purse International's motto is "In the Contemporary Interests of Extraordinary Women", and is missioned toward the career, business, and personal interests of all Women. The Pink Purse International brand includes the highly popular, Pink Purse International Branded Radio Show, "The PPI Women of Power Hours", which interviews celebrity and influential Women in Sports, Arts, Entertainment, and Pop Culture; the informative and well-traveled Pink Purse International Blog; and the Pink Purse International YouTube Channel, which broadcasts the entertaining and assistive videos of the celebrity and influential Women Guests of Pink Purse International Branded Radio. 

Pink Purse International specifically offers socially-conscious media, analyzing contemporary issues through entertaining, inspirational, and provocative works. 


a) PPI Branded Radio:

PPI Branded Radio:

"The PPI Women of Power Hours" is the highly and increasingly popular show that features celebrity and influential Women, on the Branded, Pink Purse International Radio on BlogTalkRadio. 
BlogTalkRadio is the largest Talk Radio network, with 170 million monthly page views and 31 million monthly visits, and features the shows of celebrity hosts; well-known, branded, international corporations; and more. 

Pink Purse International Branded Radio, inclusive of its "The PPI Women of Power Hours" Radio Show,, on 5/17/13, had in excess of 16,800 listeners, since its first broadcast on 1/28/10. And, inclusive of the period of its 2012 show inactivity through the present, BlogTalkRadio network internal host stats report that as of 9/23/15, Pink Purse International Branded Radio--despite being on sabbatical for two years--had 69,581 profile views, and rapidly increasing. 

The last official Pink Purse International Radio broadcast (which would become an extended hiatus) occurred on 4/11/12, in the form of a non-talk show, informative PPI podcast. The last broadcast on Pink Purse International Radio as a whole, was to promote Pink Purse International founder Fey Ugokwe Esq.'s then newly-published--and now bestselling--social issues novella, "Wifey", on 4/28/13. Fey's Mother died after a valiant two-year battle with cancer--with Fey fighting alongside in the trenches.       with her--a battle which began in 2012, and ended on 4/11/14.  

"The PPI Women of Power Hours" broadcast aims to continue The Conversation of the rich, variegated, worldwide experiences of 21st-century Women, focusing largely on Women in Entertainment, the Arts, Sports, and Pop Culture. 

b) The PPI Channel on YouTube

The Pink Purse International Channel playlists on YouTube showcase the entertaining videos of former celebrity and influential Guests of "The PPI Women of Power Hours" Branded Radio show and their entity partners. 

c) The PPI-Blog

This Pink Purse International Blog (PPI-Blog), provides PPI Radio updates and celebrity and influential women radio show guest features, interviews, editorials, extensive information and updates about Pink Purse International, and more; and, as of  9/23/15, had 51,000+ views and rapidly increasing. 

Welcome to Pink Purse International (PPI)!                                                                                          

Fey Ugokwe, Esq.
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