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On Pink Purse International founder/owner, attorney, coach/consultant, and former human rights/disability rights mediator and arbitrator Fey Ugokwe Esq.'s multinational, social issues, debut bestseller on & Thrillers, Large Print (paperback) and Caribbean & Latin American Historical Fiction (Kindle)--Wifey: 

"A powerfully written exploration of the rites of power."
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Author's Description:
**When life as a curiously paired, young married couple in California--in the midst of the growing global, state, and national economic crisis--becomes literally unworkable, Rodney, an earnestly toiling, 25-year-old playboy of a husband, unilaterally determines that he and P.V., his ambitious but naive, 22-year-old exotic wife, should relocate to Texas. So P.V., a struggling sophomore realtor and avid foodie, and Rodney, a newly unemployed marketer and sports addict, sell virtually everything they own and embark upon a downsized existence in the heart of North Texas--Dallas. But an eerie and horrifying morning dream that P.V. previously experienced becomes a dark and ever-unfurling, pain-filled prophesy that ultimately threatens the very foundations of their humanity. Sex, depravity, despair, and an uneven pavement of good intentions lead to a black, one-way road with a shocking and hair-raising end.**

Settings: L.A., Miami, Dallas, Trinidad, and Australia.

Tags: psychological thriller, suspense, contemporary women's fiction, historical fiction, political fiction, christian suspense, food fiction

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