Thursday, March 2, 2017

David Goff of D. Goff Photography

                                      Photo courtesy of D. Goff Originals, Dallas

by Fey Ugokwe, Esq.

A painting prodigy at the age of six, he began wrapping art around life. And then photography found him, and the artist was reborn. Inspired by his children, he embarked upon honing his craft, letting the light and subject lead him on a visual journey. And then he emerged, a full-fledged photographer.

For almost twenty years now, David Goff of D. Goff Originals has been professionally capturing moments of a lifetime. From portraiture to events and destination weddings, to corporate events and business trips, David is available both inside and outside of the Dallas, Texas area, to serve your photography needs. Contact him today, to let the art that is your life and work be expertly, exquisitely photographed:

 David Goff, Photographer

D. Goff Originals
"Don't trust your precious moments to just anyone!"

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