Wednesday, November 18, 2015



by Fey Ugokwe, Esq.

Vegan. Mention the word in mixed or any other company and it almost always elicits, of all things, an intensely visceral response--both 'yay' and 'nay'--with campers on both sides briskly whisking, once again, that 'why would you'/'how couldn't you' hot-and-sour, social discourse soup. But former Pink Purse International Branded Radio, "The PPI Women of Power Hours" guest, multi award-winning jazz vocalist and actor, several-time cookbook author, and celebrated vegan chef Laura Theodore, did her perfect part to slip that cauldron off the campfire a long time ago. Married to a card-carrying carnivore, she skillfully started serving up vegan substitutes for the moos and oinks and clucks and such--to her unsuspecting hubby and his mates--and yummy-for-your-two-timing-tummy, a socially-conscious culinary star was born. As you do, apparently! 

Since our PPI Radio interview, Chef Laura has transitioned her highly successful MiND TV vegan cooking show, "The Jazzy Vegetarian" to network television---it now airs on PBS. Additionally, her "Jazzy Vegetarian" brand, which includes television, radio, books, food, multimedia, and online communications, won her a TASTE Award in 2014--and this very year of 2015, she was inducted into the TASTE Award Hall of Fame. And of course, Chef Laura's been ever the television show guest on CBS, NBC, ABC, USA, and FOX, appearing most recently on CBS' "The Talk". 

A Pink Purse International "Well Done You, Woman!" to Chef Laura Theodore, and many, many thanks again for being such an effervescent and inspiring, PPI Radio show guest. 

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Visit Chef Laura's "Jazzy Vegetarian" website, to learn more about her amazing socially-conscious brand, her PBS television show, and more in her wondrous, multi-talented world:

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