Sunday, September 6, 2015


"But just then, a large, black dog appeared in front of the door unit perpendicular to P.V. and Rodney's. Rev. had not heard it initially approach, and the skin on his arms prickled immediately at the sight of it. It seemed to have literally come from the thin, because the door behind it was not open, neither had anyone rounded the stairwell corner beyond that door--in form or voice--to claim it. The dog was wearing a thick, stark white collar, and the fur of its coat was extremely well-oiled and shiny. It was standing almost as if at attention on all fours, tail and pointed snout both raised and still, eyes staring deeply down into Rev.

 Rev. was, to his core, afraid of the dog. But as they stood there, drawn into each other, something in its moist, brown eyes was quite clearly, oddly, peace-filled--and full of an empathy and compassion for Rev. Yet, too, he felt--saw--a fullness of intent all about the animal, a strong-spiritedness with a defined purpose. So he kept still for a moment, continuing to regard it, as it regarded him..." ( ; and other iretailers):

Wifey by Fey Ugokwe