Monday, November 11, 2013

#Wifey #Book Excerpts: #Caribbean Rue, #Rye, and #Rum

"...she...felt the tears falling out of each cell of her eyes, as she shakily placed the...vibrantly-labeled containers of newly-squeezed milk and tubs of fresh...butter into the spotless, stainless-steel refrigerator...and she opened it up, strong swarthy sea and steadfastness hitting her nostrils hard from within it--that the sweat of...hands upon hands back when to all seemed, at that big and looming, trapezoidal and shifting...getting fuzzier with each was surreal and blackening, and rotating off its axis, it was the longest, longest...walkway..."
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An Additional Dedication of Wifey

Author's Note: 

Wifey is also very much dedicated to the one who helped whirl me into the who-ever I am today, the one who profoundly shares my very DNA...who for almost a twain in not all past years now, has been battling that thing--that so sadly unseen, creeping, dark-minded squatter of a thing and thing and thing-upon-thing--that-that...stage IV, uterine cancer.