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Book Suburbia: #Wifey by #Fey Ugokwe

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Confessions of a Reader: #Wifey by #Fey Ugokwe

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Lori's Reading Corner: #Wifey by #Fey Ugokwe

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Celtic Lady's Reviews: #Wifey by #Fey Ugokwe

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Confessions of a Reader: #Wifey by #Fey Ugokwe

Visit the Confessions of a Reader blog for their feature of Wifey by Fey Ugokwe, at: http://confessionsofreader.blogspot.com

Monday, December 16, 2013

Laurie's Non-Paranormal Thoughts and Reviews: #Interview with #Fey Ugokwe, #Author of #Wifey

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Seattlepi.com Picks Up #Blogcritics #Interview of #Fey Ugokwe, #Author of #Wifey

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Great #Reads--Summer 2013: #Wifey by #Fey Ugokwe on #University's Staff Summer 2013 #Reading List

Read "Great Reads-Summer 2013" by Clemson University's College of Architecture, Arts, and Humanities--summer 2013 lovin' there, re: Wifey by Fey Ugokwe (scroll to view): 

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Deal Sharing Aunt's Review: (Fey as Stephen King!) #Wifey by #Fey Ugokwe

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Authors to Watch: #Fey Ugokwe, Author of #Wifey

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Books, Reviews, Etc. Review: #Fey Ugokwe's #Wifey

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I'm Shelf-ish: Interview with #Fey Ugokwe, #Author of #Wifey

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#Blogcritics: Interview with #Wifey #Author, #Fey Ugokwe

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Margay Leah Justice's Book Spotlight: #Fey Ugokwe's "#Wifey"

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The Dark Phantom Review's In the Spotlight: #Fey Ugokwe's "#Wifey"

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Saturday, November 23, 2013


"...and...she was intoxicated by the intriguing scents of people entering...with their wafts of...cologn[e] and unique sweat from the hours--and those of people going, infused with...her...and the cross-aromas of...company...but one day...stirring...a sea breeze blowing audibly into her window...[she] pivoted toward the panes, breathing in the...sweet brine...and wisps of stray hairs flying...wishing...then...eyes staring out across one of the bluest of horizons, she...":  

Available at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.comand other                 select online bookstores            


Monday, November 11, 2013

#Wifey #Book Excerpts: #Caribbean Rue, #Rye, and #Rum

"...she...felt the tears falling out of each cell of her eyes, as she shakily placed the...vibrantly-labeled containers of newly-squeezed milk and tubs of fresh...butter into the spotless, stainless-steel refrigerator...and she opened it up, strong swarthy sea and steadfastness hitting her nostrils hard from within it--that the sweat of...hands upon hands back when to sugarcane...and...it all seemed, at that instant...so big and looming, trapezoidal and shifting...getting fuzzier with each footfall...it was surreal and blackening, and rotating off its axis, it was the longest, longest...walkway..."
                  Available at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com
                          and other select online bookstores

An Additional Dedication of Wifey

Author's Note: 

Wifey is also very much dedicated to the one who helped whirl me into the who-ever I am today, the one who profoundly shares my very DNA...who for almost a twain in not all past years now, has been battling that thing--that so sadly unseen, creeping, dark-minded squatter of a thing and thing and thing-upon-thing--that-that...stage IV, uterine cancer. 


Friday, November 1, 2013

#Wifey #Book Excerpts: A #Cup of #Earl #Grey for #All #Saints & #Souls

"The month of All Souls had long since descended, its weeks turning...the street...she made a cup of tea--a strong brew Earl Grey by infusion...walking gingerly across the floor, twinges of pain shocking out...she realized...how belly up and floating things had become...marriage was making her into a woman--and a...":

          Available at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com
                   and other select online bookstores

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sacrificial #Bridal #Lamb & The Stateside #Caribbean #Cookery

And she was at hearing the stirring of pots and strong breaths of salt breeze, all aerating likely a curry--perhaps a pepper pot, too. Clink bubble tap-tap--Sanjay surely with a bowl about there somewhere, leaving it to the wife to worlds-unravel their brood. And then her mum's tongue undulating to lilt--gingerly, determinedly, slow-yielding the sage...at telling her, soul-shaking, in thick island lyric, the truth about The What she had married: 

              Available at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and other select       
                                                online bookstores

Monday, October 14, 2013

#Miami #Good-#Girl #Gazpacho

New, she quick skinny-dipped into blinking bright green, a fresh-spooned lap in the bracing aqueous, emerging dutifully dainty up the liquids light--a finish clean--L.A. in the lush verdant so well winking, suited her. But...

http://fb.me/2E4SE1ijJ and http://goo.gl/b798u

Friday, October 4, 2013

#Breakfast of the #Lost #Soul

And beat, his TX wild nights running dried into the scrutiny of a new, broke yolk day, flaking at dots of crumbled quick foods and their primary-colored condiments and at the indelible, telling glitter tiny--a top-to-toe sweat galaxy streaming giggle-chuckle shiny--but she was turning turning turning on him with that bible-thumper and those ballet flats, and so...

Thursday, September 19, 2013

#Purity's #Passion #Potluck: #Peril at a #Dallas #Dinner #Party

And they were two flirting at pots eyes on eyes and veins rushing, with the ambrosial mix of peoples as their green screen and it was sweet-sweat spice-smelling and sensuous, giddy back and well pleasant spinning, the chatting laughing breathing eating touching--in the savory-lush, oak, and rye--for a time:

http://fb.me/2E4SE1ijJ and http://goo.gl/b798u

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The #Uptown #Oceanic: #Curiosity's #Cocktail at a #Dallas #Bar

Strong ginger--cornsilk blue eyes a summer's swim in fields twin of hardy yield and harvest, his all-about cream gushing blush...and from behind that bar shiraz on-swirling--religion rising--a glass for a bible and a wife, in a rush:
http://fb.me/2E4SE1ijJ and http://goo.gl/b798u


Sunday, September 1, 2013

#Miami / #Cali #Curry & The #Salted #Covenants

Red silk waft, stray long strands ethereal--and flying--the glint of gilt embroidery, hands-feet ink like jewelry, casting out the swirling city ferments, beckoning toward the ever-sated covenants, in salt: http://fb.me/2E4SE1ijJ and http://goo.gl/b798u

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#Caribbean Mystery at a #Dallas #Farmer's #Market

Inching into city blacktop on ballet flats--careening, kinetic cornucopia of pungent sight, scent, all sound--insistent hands reaching, squishing at the lusciousness, looking for the bruisings in the wrong place: http://fb.me/2E4SE1ijJ and http://goo.gl/b798u

Monday, July 22, 2013

A Delivered's Dark #Rum

The ferment of lashings, still sweet buttered 'round in spice, quick crisp to the tongue throat and then burning back down--and next it, with her, fall-crawling-sprawling into: http://fb.me/2E4SE1ijJ

Friday, July 5, 2013

Acquiescence's Bridal Barbecue

And to the twain she retold that shockingly for them his ranched-hands conjured their Lifetime 'Q--and all in a hickory, smoke mama's-milk-sweet and tucked so well under the horned flesh...so: http://fb.me/2E4SE1ijJ

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Check this  out--TIA P.'s "FLAWED LOGIK REHEARSING '1 LUV' WITH AND BY TIA P." on the Pink Purse International Channel Fave Vids playlist: http://www.youtube.com/pinkpurseintl 

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The Review Is in on Fey Ugokwe's "Wifey"!

Kirkus Reviews on Fey Ugokwe's Wifey:

"Ugokwe's debut novella adds a mystical touch to the story of a destructive, dysfunctional marriage...A powerfully written exploration of the rites of power." --Kirkus Reviews

Add Wifey to your to-read list today! Available in paperback and Kindle at Amazon.com Also available at BarnesandNoble.com 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Inside-Voice Sangria

She swirled them all a blood punch tongue-careening, and heady, variegated soft flesh wading in it so sweetly, but just like her it was too quickly pickling--and then she said: http://fb.me/2E4SE1ijJ


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Check This Video Out in PPI Playlist Faves/Likes--A. Winslow's 'The Fit Cycle-Kids!' on the Pink Purse International YouTube Channel:  

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One-Way Road Whipped Cream

Mouthful of smooth, rounding sure into vanilla, lifted with real air and time--he told her with a grin that that's what he wanted. But: http://fb.me/2E4SE1ijJ

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The Sweet/Savory Spice of Being Seen

Let her serve you samosas--crispy, spicy, golden with love and reserve, just as Nani taught her to make...and ask you a question that catches your tongue, unseats you: http://fb.me/2E4SE1ijJ

Check This Video Out!

WTS' 'Brandi Chastain Talks About The Shirt Incident' on The Pink Purse International Channel: 

Check This Video Out!

J. Wurm's "a visual incarnation of a ballad on the streets of buenos aires" on The Pink Purse International Channel: http://www.youtube.com/pinkpurseintl

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The Warm, Smoky, Wild in Wifey

Luscious, jungly, infused and laced with smoky meat--that's just how this dish is made in Texas. But Tyrell told her to be leery: http://www.amazon.com

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Tia P's "ME Time" on the Pink Purse International Channel at: http://www.youtube.com/pinkpurseintl

Fey's New Book Now in Larger Print

Where do two Australian men, a pretty Trinidadian Foodie, a laying on of hands, and Uptown Dallas meet?? At Wifey--a tale of young marriage, the pathway to Recession, and more. Available now also in larger print paperback, and Kindle, at Amazon.com  


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New Book Now in Paperback & Kindle

Pink Purse International Founder Fey Ugokwe's brand new book, Wifey, now available in both paperback AND Kindle at Amazon.com

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New Book by Fey Ugokwe

Read Pink Purse International Founder Fey Ugokwe's brand new book, Wifey, a chilling, fictional tale intertwining the pathway to Recession, sex, marriage--and more; Available for purchase at Amazon.com