Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Two Triumphs of the Tube

Looking for a little strong-woman-centered programming, ever-so-oft, on the watchy-waves? 

1) If you're a family-friendly, values-vibing syndicationista/isto, try re-runs of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman which is currently airing its past, post-war fabulousness on at least two channels (e.g., visit http://www.insp.com for at least onesuch, and do that wondrous wiki dance for other channel options); and/or,

2) If you like your stitches to be of the chuckling variety, with a lot of spectacular spice n' sauce tossed 'round for good measure, you've all the earmarkings of a burgeoning (Nadia G's) Bitchin' Kitchen fan, http://www.bitchinlifestyle.tv which rocks out its off-colour, comedic culinary genius, weekly. 

Check your local satellite/cable station guide for the exact listing times and channel numbers in your zone, and enjoy the fiest of tremendous women at work on the Tube!