Friday, October 14, 2011

Pink Purse International Member Mix Contest Donors & Winner: Week of 10/7


Great connections to all PPI Members who have participated in Pink Purse International (PPI) Member Mix Contests, and were randomly paired off by the Member Mix program on the Pink Purse International Social Network, at: Do indeed enjoy the benefits of your new, iNetworking connections--and for the winners, your prizes! Congratulations to Pink Purse International Member Magdalena Ball, who won the recent (10/7) installment of the Pink Purse International Member Mix Contest! Magdalena has won:

1) A Social Media Branded Makeover Package (ordinarily, a $1,750 value); 2.5 hours Consultative Advice/Coaching (ordinarily, a $312.50 value); 1/2 Surprise Bonus (ordinarily, an $875 value); and; 1/2 Promotional Credit (ordinarily, a $2687.50 value)--for a total prize value of $5,625--all from Azley Jones, Founding Partner of seven12, a Social Marketing, Social Currency, and Social Branding company;

2) A Personal Development for Adversities Coaching Session from Daphne Clarke-Hudson, PhD--a Certified Coach; nationally-recognized Empowerment Specialist; the first, Certified CT Michael E. Gerber Dreaming Room Facilitator, and popular radio personality, whose passion is assisting people with discovering/rediscovering their authentic life purpose. The Personal Development for Adversities Coaching session is ordinarily a $325.00 value; and, 

3) A 1-Hour Breakthrough Coaching Session from popular Lifestyle Transformation Coach, Colleen Bushby, whose passion is assisting women with redeveloping the totality of their lives. The 1-Hour Breakthrough Coaching session is ordinarily a $500 value.

The total value of Magdalena's PPI Member Mix Contest prizes is $6,450!!

Enjoy your prizes, Magdalena, and thanks so very kindly again to:

Azley Jones, 

Coach Daphne Clarke-Hudson, PhD, 


Coach Colleen Bushby, 

for your generosity to the Pink Purse International Member Mix Contest, and for your dedication to keeping the women of this world in cutting-edge social media/currency/marketing form, and superlative issue-solving, and goal-identification status!! 

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Pink Tips: The PPI Social Network & Marketing Virtual Classes

Salutations, PPI Members and Prospective PPI Members!

Are you e.g., a Coach, Trainer, Speaker, or other Expert, with a virtual class that you would like to market on the Pink Purse International Social Network, at: I started to reply to a PPI Member who had a question on how to go about such, and decided to generally post here, so that all might appreciate how to do so. So, without further fingertipping, here are some quick tips for assisting you with spreading the buzz about your eLearning opportunity:

First and foremost--give yourself a healthy pat on the back! If you are offering a virtual class, self-posting on the site is indeed important, so that, a) all of the PPI Members will have notice of your opportunity, in a variety of ways, and, b) site visitors (to the main page) can view the relevant portion of your opportunity, and similarly, have notice of it. Also, adding discounts for other PPI Members who wish to attend your event may help to 'sweeten the deal' and thereby ensure more heightened interest in it, and/or a good event turnout. 

Kindly note: some of the following will be visible in whole to all PPI Members on the PPI Social Network, others are additionally visible--but solely in part--to PPI Social Network site visitors. So, consider doing the following:

1) Post your virtual class opportunity to your Status bar on the site, and include the weblink to the page of virtual class registration in your posting, and an invitation to comment/reply and/or message you with any questions or requests for more info;

2) Post your virtual class opportunity, inclusive of weblink and any related pictures or video/audio excerpts (re: the latter, e.g., if you have a marketing photo, commercial/video promo, or previously recorded video or audio excerpt from a previous session of, the virtual class), to the PPI E-University group on the site, in the 'Discussion' or 'Comment Wall' section--the group is now open for all to post their virtual and in-person learning events. Remember to include an invitation to comment and/or message you with any questions or requests for more info in your post

3) Blog about your virtual class opportunity--or related topics, in the Blog section of the site, and include your virtual class weblink early in the blog post wording, so that it can be visible on the main page. Also, include any photo and/or video/audio excerpts with your posting, as above. Remember that prospectives often desire to attend the classes of someone with whom they are unfamiliar after the expert has demonstrated at least a snippet of expertise on the subject in question--and blogging is a flash-fast way (industry-depending) to attempt accomplishment of that;

4) Upload any video commercials/promos or video/audio excerpts, as above, of the virtual class, to the Videos section of the site. This can be performed in tandem with Blogging, or as a stand-alone, if you don't consider yourself the writing type;

5) Post your virtual class in the Events section of the site--as it will become part of the Events Calendar, and can therefore be seen (in part) from the Main page of the site; 

6) Join Groups on the site that you believe may be more apt to register for your virtual event, given their group classification--i.e., join the Groups that represent your ideal attendee. Remember to include the weblink of registration for the virtual class, and any related photos or video/audio excerpts in your posting, per the above. Remember also, to include an invitation to comment/reply and/or message you with any questions or requests for more info; and,

7) iNetwork with others on the PPI Social Network, especially within your Groups and Friends! Let them know about your virtual class, and ask if they or others with whom they network might be interested in attending!

Virtual Events Blessings to You!