Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Wisdom Available At The PPI E-University!

A new upload is available in The Pink Purse International (PPI) E-University! Visit the Pink Purse International E-University page here, at: (link will transport you directly to page), to view the Experts who are part of its growing array of vital information.

Join Pink Purse International (PPI), at: to view/listen to the amazing teleclasses, webcasts, radionars, and more, 24/7! To the fantastic appetites of your mind!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Pink Purse International Women's Resource & Referral Guide and Directory

Salutations, and Happy New Summer!

Ever in the contemporary interests of extraordinary women, the Pink Purse International Women's Resource & Referral Guide (PPI+Guide), and its tandem Directory (PPI+Guide and Directory) (link will transport you directly to presentation page) are finally being launched! Surveys have already been distributed, to determine which women are considered the Standout Women in their industries, amongst their peers, for the first edition.

The PPI+Guide will be available in both online and print versions, to enable Advertisers and Readers the flexibility of sharing the publication in the form that best addresses their tastes, marketing, and distribution needs.

For information regarding Advertising in the PPI+Guide and PPI+Guide Directory, inclusive of deadlines for advertising submissions, and to place an advertising order, just visit: 
(link will transport you directly to page)!

Again, Happy New Summer--and here's to you and the new PPI+Guide and Directory!