Saturday, September 3, 2011



1) Great connections to all of the Pink Purse International (PPI) Members who were randomly paired off this week, by the Member Mix program on the Pink Purse International Social Network, at: Do indeed enjoy the benefits of your new, iNetworking connections!

2) Congratulations to Pink Purse International Member Chris Bradshaw, who won the recent installment of the Pink Purse International Member Mix Contest! Chris has won:
a) A Personal Development and Empowerment Coaching Session (normally, $250) from Daphne Clarke-Hudson, PhD--a Certified Coach; nationally-recognized Empowerment Specialist; the first, Certified CT Michael E. Gerber Dreaming Room Facilitator, and popular radio personality, whose passion is assisting people with discovering/rediscovering their authentic life purpose! 
 b)  A Weight Loss Surgery Gift Box from Diva Taunia, a world-renowned and WERS Grammy-Award-winning singer, and popular Weight Loss Surgery advocate, which includes brand new books, workbooks, CDS, workout DVDs and more--to help in weight loss surgery/weight loss/wellness journeys; 
c) One of the most celebrated of Diva Taunia's vocal CD's, "Cocktail Napkin," performed with her celebrated group, Vote For Pedro.  Both of which have a normal value of $100!

The entire value of the prizes that Chris has won totals $350.00!!

Enjoy your wondrous Personal Development and Empowerment Coaching session, WLS Gift Box, and "Cocktail Napkin" CD, Chris--and many thanks again to you, Daphne Clarke-Hudson, PhD, and Diva Taunia, for your generosity to the Pink Purse International Member Mix Contest, and for your dedication to keeping the women of this world in fantastic mission/goal and wellness health, and superlative mood!!