Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pink Purse International Makes History (Herstory!) on BlogTalkRadio!

Pink Purse International sealed the deal today, to launch a Network of ten (10) Branded shows for Women on BlogTalkRadio, which includes the highly and increasingly popular "The PPI Women of Power Hours" Branded Show on BlogTalkRadio--and made history, or herstory in so doing!!!

The Pink Purse International Radio Network is specifically:
  • The 1st Fully-Branded Profile Show Network for Women on BlogTalkRadio (which means that advertisers, regardless of their size, may purchase advertising directly from Pink Purse International, across the Pink Purse International Radio Network--on the shows that they choose--at very low rates, and therefore enjoy a wide-reaching audience for ads of their services and goods at very little cost);
  • The 1st All-Woman-Hosted Network for Women on BlogTalkRadio;
  • The 1st Network for Women on BlogTalkRadio that is solely dedicated to Entertainment, the Arts, Sports, Travel, and Politics for Women; 
  • The 1st Network for Women on BlogTalkRadio founded and created by a graduate of a Seven Sister school for Women (who is also the graduate of a high school for girls; Wellesley College and Mount St. Joseph Academy in Flourtown, PA respectively!); and,
  • Much More!
The hosts and upcoming episodes are TBA!  Welcome to the Pink Purse International Radio Network, as is with Pink Purse International, "In the Contemporary Interests of Extraordinary Women"!!!