Wednesday, September 29, 2010

CELEBRITY PINK RADIO DISH: Award-Winning Comedian/Comedy Writer and Fabulous Friar, Nancy Lombardo

By Fey Ugokwe, Esq.

And there's always that real-time, superlative spit-fire, just like my Avo Pouco (Abuelita), who brands you from beyond searingly in the eye of the crowd, one good cooking look and a crisp quip from her tongue and stunned and misplaced you are, searching for some floor on which to steady your quite patently ill-prepped, sorry, sorry, sorry lil' self. Such is the marvy mystique of Award-Winning Comedian Nancy Lombardo, who has helped burgeon the likes of the inimitable comedic sensations John Leguizamo and Colin Quinn, with her quick-timed comedic writing, and e'en sweetly roasted acting powerhouse Vincent Pastore of "The Sopranos" for the Friars Club, of which she is a notable member. She who previously performed with now legends Robin Williams and Bruce Willis is indeed a fantastic force all her own, and opens up in this "The PPI Women of Power Hours", interview on everything from the unshakeable tribulations of growing up both 1st-generation Sicilian and Puerto Rican (as well a wild 1st-generation combo I all-too-well-equally understand), to how to slickly survive an unprovoked confrontation on a New York subway. With credits from "Saturday Night Live" to "All My Children", and a fiercely inspiring spirit and prolific works that will knock you swiftly into your own life's action, Lombardo, manifests that some Women are just fiercely, majestically made of 100% pure, miraculous moxie