Saturday, August 28, 2010

CELEBRITY PINK RADIO DISH: Cindy Morrison, Emmy Award-Winning T.V. Anchor/Journalist-Turned-Self-Help Author

By Fey Ugokwe, Esq.

If you ever thought that all talking heads were icebox-frosty, helmet-headed neutrons, who solely deliver the daily dirt Data-like-unblinkingly, and then stiffly retreat to their android chambers at night, then you clearly haven't met Emmy, Peabody, and Gracie Award-Winning T.V. Anchor/Journalist Cindy Morrison--so indeed this "The PPI Women of Power Hours" interview with her, is the one to chew on for you. Morrison opens up about her depression after covering the tragic event and aftermath of the Oklahoma City Bombing; poignantly reveals how her health, home, and career were contemporaneously severely threatened; and dishes on how she survived the ultimate sabotage from a female news frenemie. Now a sought-after public speaker, consultant, and the highly successful author of "Girlfriends 2.0", a media-heralded, semi-autobiographical self-help book, Morrison proves that even in the lives of those who deliver the media, off-camera can often be just as heart-wrenching and newsworthy as on