Monday, June 14, 2010


The PPI Women of Power Hours E-University for Women is based upon the highly and increasingly popular, "The PPI Women of Power Hours" radio show, and is designed to relay the knowledge of respected, industry experts to the public, on a variety of key, contemporary topics that concretely affect the career, business, and personal lives of Women. The PPI Women of Power Hours E-University for Women classes are recorded in convenient, online teleclass and webinar forms, to enable enrollees to enjoy the video instruction and tandem audio presentation, or audio presentation, at their leisure, from their homes, offices, or wherever they choose to log on to view a session.   

Most of the Teleclasses and Webinars will additionally feature discounts and/or free gifts from the Teleclass Instructors, for all enrollees. The Teleclasses and Webinars are specifically pre-recorded and made available for purchase, such as to enable the convenient, 24-7 experience of the sessions. The Teleclasses and Webinars are deliberately inexpensive, depending upon the length and genre of the teleclass or webinar, such as to be at utmost, affordable.

Enjoy the first teleclass of the New, The PPI Women of Power Hours E-University for Women, "Soul-Purpose to Prosperity: Mindset Makeover", a teleclass taught by a Business/Life Coach who is a seasoned, former Fortune 500 Company exec, current expert, and former athlete, that is specifically geared toward Women Entrepreneurs, and those aspiring to be, with additional information for those in the sports, arts, and entertainment industries!

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