Friday, April 23, 2010

Pink Purse International Launches PPI ClientMatch, A Networking Event for Your Business

Pink Purse International Launches PPI ClientMatch:  
A Virtual Table for Ten

Weary of attending yet another networking meeting or leads event,
where you enter unsure of whether you are actually going to meet
the type of clients you are seeking or the referral sources you desire?

Welcome instead, to PPI ClientMatch, a strategic leads/networking
event designed just for you and your specific business/profession.
PPI ClientMatch was created by Pink Purse International's Founder,
Fey Ugokwe, Esq., after feeling weary herself of hauling off to yet
another leads event, and works like the combination of a networking
event, a leads event, and an in-person or online dating service for your

The Process:  A PPI ClientMatch Director will interview you regarding
what you are seeking, both in clients and in referral resources, and
then arrange an in-person or online networking session with you and
9 (nine) other potential clients and/or referral sources for you, pooled
from our databases and host of contacts, who are matched to your
stated, core business/professional needs. The session operates like a
leads/networking business brunch, lunch, or dinner, and includes
breakout time, for a one-on-one session, wherein you may have an
opportunity to strategically interview and qualify potential leads/referrals.

A PPI Director lightly facilitates the event, if you opt, to help ease
nerves, ensure that the conversation flows smoothly, and assist all
attendees in focusing on how they can provide business and/or referrals
to you.

At the conclusion of the in-person or online leads/networking event,
you decide whether you would like to exchange business information
with some or all of your attending matches, such as to begin the business
client or referral relationship.

The Cost:  The Introductory Rate, $25* for non-PPI Members/
$15 for PPI Members/PPI Meetup Members, is the average registration
fee amount for a networking event or leads event, and the great
benefit to you as a client--and to you as an attendee--is that you will
be meeting potential clients or referral sources that are unique to your
specific, business needs. 

For more information about PPI ClientMatch and to schedule an
appointment, visit and
scroll to complete the Electronic Form; a PPI ClientMatch
representative will return your contact promptly.

We greatly look forward to assisting your business needs!

Pink Purse International ClientMatch (PPI ClientMatch) is a trademark
activity of Wharton King, LLC, 2010. All Rights Reserved.