Thursday, April 29, 2010

Legal Hotline: Resolving Personal, Business, Career, and Residential Legal Disputes

Do you have personal, business, career, or residential legal disputes that you would like to resolve quickly, and inexpensively--and attempt to prevent from recurring? This online hotline (question and answer webinar) will provide you the information you may require to assist your own unique situation, with cost-effective methods that could quickly resolve your legal disputes, and provide a barrier of preventative measures to lessen the probability that they will resurface.  Instructor: Fey Ugokwe, Esq., Attorney/Arbitrator/Certified Mediator; ADR & Coaching Firm Founder; Founder/Owner, Pink Purse International.

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Date:  May 7, 2010 (Friday)
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7:30 PM EST -9:30 PM EST
6:30 PM CST-8:30 PM CST
4:30 PM PST-6:30 PM PST

Registration Fee:   $10.00 for Non-Member Attendees; $5.00 for Pink Purse International Member Attendees.

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Pink Purse International Webinars are for educational purposes only. Please consult the provider in your jurisdiction regarding the applicable local laws and procedures of the information provided therein.